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All you hockey fans, collectors and people who just do not understand what are they doing with these paper cards, here is an article about opening a brand new box of the KHL 2012-13 Sereal Basic series hockey trading card box, also known as “Box Break”.

Here is how the box looks like. Box contains 50 packs, each pack containing 5 random cards. So if my math is correct, we will get 250 cards from this box.

Cool, here is a list of possible cards in the box. We sure will get one game used jersey card, as it is said that 1-2 game used jersey cards per box. And if we are very luck, we might even get a autograph card which is only in every second box. And there will be 10 basic series parallel cards, either Silver or Gold.

Let’s open up the box,

Let the fun begin and here is the result of the first pack”
3 basic series cards
1 parallel series card – Play-off Series 2012
1 parallel series card – Gargin Cup Playoff Leader

After some more packs, we get our first of 10 promised silver/gold parallel cards.
And it is a Silver parallel of Maxim Berezin. (card is not numbered but official information is that Silver cards are limited to 220 per player)

The unwrapping fun has just increased as we find another parallel card, this time the Gold one! Oskars Bartulis Gold card numbered #071/100 (Yeah, Gold cards are numbered to 100 only!)

And here is a comparison of a basic series card we acquired in the packs before and the Gold parallel just found in a pack.

Oh, here is a card of Miks Indrasis – this is the guy who scored the crazy goal KHL was talking all over – “behind the net, pick up the puck on the blade and drop it in the top corner”.

WOW, we are just lucky, as we have just opened a pack containing a autograph card, which as we read on the box, is only in every second box.
Jonathan Sigalet, autographed, numbered #19/50. Nice, only 50 such cards!

..another gold card..

..and another gold card and Nicklas Backstrom basic card from Dynamo Moscow.

We just keep on opening more packs, many parallel and basic series cards, until we get our first jersey card.
The Triple Jersey card – Mikhail Anisin, Dominik Granak, Yury Babenko – numbered #051/133, very nice and rare colors (green) taking in consideration what the Dynamo Moscow jerseys are blue or white!

Triple Jersey card - Mikhail Anisin, Dominik Granak, Yury Babenko #051/133 - nice colors

..and after some more packs we get our second jersey card as said on the box. This is the lucky box – 2 jersey cards and 1 autograph card!
KHL Junior Draft – Single Jersey – Yastrebkov Vsevolod – numbered #095/350 and two color jersey!

KHL Junior Draft - Single Jersey Yastrebkov Vsevolod – numbered #095/350

..as we continued to open the rest of the packs, we got some more silver and gold cards.

The End, the box is empty, the pack wrappers are all over the place and here is the overall view of the cards.

1 autograph card;
2 jersey cards;
4 Gold parallel cards;
6 Silver parallel cards;
..all as promised on the side of the box.
Not only the above mentioned cards are wonderful in design and quality, but the basic series and insert set cards are also outstanding.

Make your own box break and let us know how you like the cards and what were your best cards!

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